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Motorbike & Scooter Gel Pads

Suffering from an uncomfortable seat?

Gel Pads are perfect for long rides

Have you ever been a victim of the classic 'numb bum'?! Anyone who owns a motorcycle, scooter, car or any type of vehicle can understand how horrible it is to experience an uncomfortable seat when you're on a long drive. It can be triggered by various factors, such as: riding position, physique, poor road surface and vibration. However, with CCR Auto Trim Gel Pads Inserts, we can minimise and prevent an uncomfortable journey.

So, why would these benefit me?

Gel Pads are moulded to provide ultimate comfort for the rider, therefore they don't compress like foam does. Instead, they support and distribute the weight whilst also absorbing the vibrations transmitted from the motorbike for a more gentle ride.

The gel can also withstand a wide range of temperatures without causing any deterioration of performance.